A Wild Blog Appears!

Hi everyone!


So glad you made it to my first post on my new blog. Since you’re here, I thought I’d tell you a little about and why I made this blog and what I plan on posting in the future.


This year I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals and how best to achieve them. And I realised I had a lot of them. Some of them are a considerable amount easier to attain than others. I guess that some of these goals could be considered new years resolutions. However a lot of them have really developed over time and so don’t really fall into the category of “something that I decided I wanted to do at the start of the year”.

My first real goal was to stop being lazy and actually do some physical exercise. At the time of writing this article I can say that I’ve done some form of exercise for the last 56 days (yes, that’s every day so far this year). It definitely feels like I’ve got into a good habit. The best part of it feeling like habit, is that I have to focus less of my time convincing myself not to give up on it. Which means I can spend more time focusing on other things.


I’ve always thought that I should write a blog about what I work on. If not for anything other than to have a log of all of the cool things I’ve discovered. I often find myself solving problems, whether it be actual “work” related or just in my personal time. The thing about these problems is a lot of the time I have to solve them again months or even a year later. As my brain is not an infinite database full of codez. I have a tendency of forgetting things by this time. Granted, it usually doesn’t take as long to pick up the second time round. But I do find myself wishing that I had written down some hints about how I did it the first time.

Another desire I have developed fairly recently is to be in control of my own linux based server. To me there is nothing nerdier than when I am ssh’d to a linux box and I’m running commands and trolling through the operating system and config files, using nothing but “words” to control everything. It always reminds me of my perceived view of what programmers did when I was a child. I may be fairly young, but I still remember the movies where a character would “hack” a computer by opening up a terminal with green text on a black background and mash on the keyboard until the computer complied to his or her will. It is nerdiness in it’s purest form, and I love it!

The majority of my other goals revolve around programming (surprise, surprise!). And all of them will involve solving some sort of problems. So I decided to attack my blogging goal head on and satisfy my need for nerdiness in the crossfire. I now own my own Ubuntu server, I’ve had a lot of fun (with some free embarrassing frustration included) whilst setting it up. And I now have a wordpress blog. I’ll be sharing my first time setting up a server experience with you guys soon.


Although this blog will most likely be predominantly programming based words and tutorials. This is also my personal blog. So I’ll be using it for anything I want to really. I’ll try my best to keep it interesting, but please feel free to give me any feedback you think is fitting.


Until next time