<3 to Mum on Mother’s Day

This year my brothers and I decided to make Mother’s Day a very special day for our Mum.

We had an elaborate plan. My step-dad Tony was to take mum “out for a drive”. All the while making it look like we had planed a lunch out at some fancy restaurant. He first took her to a hotel that we have frequently used as a place for fancy lunches. He pulled into the car park pretending to check for my brothers and I. Upon deciding we were no where to be seen, turned to mum and said “looks like they aren’t here yet”. He then continued driving for what turned into an hour and a half of stopping at random places checking for our cars. They even stopped at the beach! Finally, Tony had claimed he needed to rush home and use the bathroom.

All the while, my brothers and I had been setting up the perfect surprise! We had planned ahead to make a yummy soup for lunch and had done the shopping the day before to ensure that we had everything ready. However we had only decided that morning that we would also make a desert. So on our way to mums we had to pop into the shops for some last minute ingredients. When we got to mums, they had already left. So we snuck in and started preparing lunch. Scott (20) and I started preparing the soup, a delicious vegetarian soup that we call “Green Soup”. While Luke (17) started making his secret recipe chocolate biscuit log desert. It’s basically just chocolate ripple biscuits dipped in milk and with whipped cream between each biscuit. This was to be served with strawberries and kiwi fruit.

Within five minutes we realised that not only did we have neither of the fruits needed for the desert but we also didn’t have any stock for the soup. At this point we were already getting behind schedule. However I had to push our luck and rush to the nearby shops to pick up the required ingredients. While my brothers asked Tony to stall for more time. When I got back from the shops, I decided to park my car down the road and around the corner, to ensure mum had no idea we were there. And it worked!

Mum came home as we were serving the soup, it was timed perfectly. She was greeted with some flowers, chocolates and her iPad displaying this card nodereaver.com/MothersDay2013/ which I had put together that morning. Mum was overwhelmed with happiness, and started to cry.

Thanks to the awesome efforts of my brothers we really made this years Mother’s Day one she will never forget!


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