Japanese study hajimaru yo!

Today is the day that I once again attempt to properly study Japanese!

Two years ago I started studying Japanese with my girlfriend Ellie. Things were going well, however due to various reasons we stopped going to lessons. After a few weeks of going and then not going, it was really hard for us to get back into. Especially because we hadn’t studied on the weeks we didn’t go. In the end we ended up missing the entire second half of the course.

Ellie is now no longer interested in studying Japanese through the format of lessons, however my younger brother is. Last year we were debating on wether or not we should sign up for classes together. By the time we finally agreed to it the class was already full and we couldn’t enrol.
We often talked about getting a private tutor and splitting the cost. But we never saw it through.

So this year we were really keen to make sure we didn’t miss the registration. Thankfully we came to a decision late last year that we were both happy to study and we were able to enrol before the class was full earlier this year.

I even decided to actually order myself the text book this time round! This is actually the same course that Ellie and I studied two years ago. When I studied then I used a PDF of the text book that I had managed to “acquire”. Unfortunately the scanning of the pages was pretty shoddy and some of the content was cut off. (You get what you pay for) It also didn’t help when my iPad was out of battery!
My text book arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. It is “Japanese for busy people” volume 1. The revised 3rd edition.

I’m really excited to be studying with my brother. I’m also curious as to wether or not I will have the same sensei. If I do I’ll be pretty embarrassed but she was a good teacher last time round, so I’ll be happy to know that atleast!

Hopefully actually studying the language will help me improve the quality of my “word of the week” posts. As I will hopefully find myself being able to write example sentences, rather than having to google for them!
At the very least it will be a good source of new words to use.