AVCon 2015

If you’re in Adelaide and you have an interest in anime or video games, then you most likely know that this weekend is AVCon – Adelaide’s Anime and Video Game festival.

AVCon will always be a little bit special for me, because around the time of my 21st birthday my friend and I started making a game and got to present it at AVCon as part of the indie games room. It was also almost directly after this time that I started my first job out of Uni. I had lots of fun at AVCon that year and really enjoyed working on the game that we presented.

That was 4 years ago. Since then I’ve only gone back once. The last time I went to AVCon was, I think, two years ago now. I went with my girlfriend and didn’t really have any real reason for going, other than that it was AVCon. We ended up staying there for all of about two hours. So the year after, we just decided to skip it.

This year things were different. This time round I’m a member of the Adelaide University Anime Club. Most of whose members would be either volunteers, panelists, or attendees for the entire weekend. Not only this, but a couple of my friends from work were also planning on going. So this year, my friend Steph and I (I say friend, but she’s Ellie’s and basically my sister) decided we would pick up weekend passes. After today, I don’t regret that decision at all.


Steph and I skipped Friday night’s AVCon festivities for two main reasons.

  • Hitotsu: I wanted to go to the Shin Tokyo sale that started on Friday night (around the same time as AVCon did).
  • Futatsu: We ended up going out to dinner with my partner Ellie’s side for dinner to celebrate my birthday.

I bought the Anohana (blu ray) and Sakurasou no pet na kanojo (dvd) series for 20% off. Much happiness!


We started out the day by walking straight through the doors with our pre-reg tickets (aww yes!). Once inside we met up with a group of people from the Anime Club as well as a friend from work. To avoid making this too long, here’s a really brief summary of the events that followed. Friends, fan made arts/crafts (kawaii!), MERCHANDISE, indie video games, ramen, listening to a friend play piano, friends, MOAR MERCHANDISE, friends, quiz night, friends.

At the end of the day I’d managed to sneak away with three shirts (Pokemon, Zelda, and ATLA) and Toradora! on blu ray.


Sunday started off quite late for Steph and I, we only made it into the city at around half past 1. (In our defence we had stayed up till past 3 am playing video games the night before.)
After a quick lunch, we managed to make it to the 3deep5u panel which was hosted by some of our friends from the Anime Club who host the Doujin Rumble student radio show. After that, Sunday was similar to Saturday. With the added bonus of me winning a few rounds of Super Smash Bros for Wii U against friends.

Despite looking several times, I didn’t end up buying much. Just a chibi style Riven key chain (a champion from League of Legends).

Here’s a picture of my loot from the weekend, excluding the shirts.


I thoroughly enjoyed AVCon 2015 and my birthday which fell on the Saturday. What made it so fun was that it was more than just the event itself this time. I had friends and family members (my younger bro) who were there. I got to enjoy the event whilst hanging out with cool people, having interesting discussions and bumping into other friends and doing the same with them. It was so great to see every one and to just be there. With all the cosplayers, video games and merchandise everywhere the event had an awesome atmosphere. There were so many times where I had the goobiest smile on my face, but I couldn’t help it. It was just so much fun!