Merry Christmas 2015!

みんなさん, メリークリスマス!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Instead of repeating what I did last year and posting some Japanese words related to Christmas, this year I wanted to show some of the cool things that my partner and I have done for Christmas this year.

The Decorations


our (hand painted) Christmas tree

Starting with a wooden tree cut-out that was bought from Spotlight, my partner painted and then decorated it herself. On top we can see a star taken from the top of an old pen. Underneath that are some Christmas earrings that were bought for a previous year. Followed by the gracious hanging of LED christmas lights from Target.


our Christmas lights

Here is an extended view of the Christmas lights mentioned above. These are the indoor lights, we also have some solar powered out-door ones that are hanging off of our balcony. Also, I had better not forget to mention the USB Christmas tree seen in the bottom right corner!

The Gifts


(Anime &) Mii Mugs™

The cornerstone of this years gifts, which also happens to be our intended gifts for last year. That’s right! We told everyone that we would make these mugs for them last year, and then never did. After a whole years worth of suspenseful waiting to see if we would make good of our promise, we finally made them!

After blundering last year by buying laser-printer specific paper and then finding that no place would print on it from fear of damaging their printer. We then ordered inkjet printable water slide decal paper. Due to a general lack of organisation on our part, this paper arrived about a week after Christmas. At which point we intended to make mugs for Ellie’s family.

A year passed, and this year we are a bit more organised! So we planned ahead and even decided to make mugs for my family too! The best part is that we actually did it this year!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m super excited about these mugs. The Madoka one is going to be mine! =D


home made tea towels

As the main part of our gift is primarily “left-overs” from last year, we needed something else to compliment it. Enter the crafty Ellie who whipped up some awesome tea towels.


home brew vanilla essence

Another gift to compliment the above is home brew vanilla essence. This stuff smells pretty potent at the moment. It’s made of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum and vanilla beans. These require 8 weeks to fully develop. As this was a late addition, we haven’t yet let them stand for 8 weeks. So this will be an on-going present for the next 8 weeks. Once a week you are supposed to shake the container to mix it up. Each week we will be recommending a song to “shake it” to.


vegan chocolate

The final garnish on our gift platter of awesome is some lovingearth vegan chocolate.

I’m feeling really excited about Christmas this year because, unlike last year, we are pretty well organised and have got things ready ahead of time. This should hopefully allow us to have a wonderful day spending time with family and enjoying ourselves. :)

I hope that however you spend your Christmas day, that it’s full of joy and cheer!