Skytree Town Take 2

Day 11 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo

When we first went to the Tokyo Skytree we didn’t really look around at many of the shops, and we didn’t buy anything from the Pokemon Center there. So we wanted to head back there to do some shopping. Eriko joined us as we visited the Pokemon Center, Studio Ghibli store, and various other stores in search for souvenirs and other goodies that we wanted. We spent a bit of time relaxing at Starbucks in the afternoon and in the evening had a delicious Indian meal at the Amara restaurant. And of course, we took many photos of the Skytree again. :)

Today was the last day that we would see Eriko. We both really enjoyed spending time with her, Shintaro, and Ryouko. Eriko was so very helpful to us as she found many places for us to eat that had vegan options as well as suggesting places like the cat and bunny cafes. She even helped us get to our trains when we were heading home after hanging out. I’m so glad to have made some new friends and we both hope to see them again in the future. :)