Day Trip to Nikkō

Day 12 Nikko

Nikko was a very pretty place, so this article is full of many pictures. I’ve embedded the thumbnails of them to save your downloads. If you want to see the full size picture, just click it. :)

Today we caught the Shinkansen to Nikko! It was actually really fun riding on the Shinkansen, the smoothness of the train for its speed was amazing. The seats in the carriages more closely resembled those on tour buses or planes then they did trains. Definitely worth a ride on one when you’re in Japan.

The scenery as we travelled to Nikko was quite pretty. Passing many small towns with open fields and some mountains. All absolutely covered in a lush green. Nikko itself was no different. It had a small-town feel and was quite close to some mountains.

Kegon Falls

Shortly after arriving in Nikko we caught a bus up to lake Chūzenji and Kegon Falls. The water from the lake travelled down a valley and to the falls.


Just next to the viewing platform for the falls was the cutest little Dango stall. Ellie and I couldn’t resist trying some. おいしかったです。 (it was delicious)

Lake Chūzenji

A small walk from the falls was a picturesque lake. Ellie and I walked around one side of the lake taking in the view, and taking lots of pictures!



Along the side of the lake was this sign, that I deemed photo-worthy. :)

Kanmangafuchi Abyss

We caught a bus back down the mountain towards Nikko. The road down the mountain was windy, having short straights and hairpin turns. The bus driver was super skilled to ignore the amazing view and focus on not driving over the edge!

We disembarked the bus a few Km away from Nikko and sought to find the Kanmangafuchi Abyss. The walk to the abyss was certainly interesting. We walked along pokey country streets to start with, and almost ended up in someone’s backyard. Then right at the end of the street the view opened up to a river and a large bridge.


After crossing the bridge we walked down a dirt pathway that was shaded by tall trees. In amongst these trees we found the cutest shrine. We approached it to find that it was guarded by spiders! So we let them be.


Closer to the abyss there was also a graveyard with impressive tomb stones.


The abyss itself was beautiful. The water was crystal clear but at the same time, the brightest blue! The green of the nearby growth was contrasted by the red of the hats and bibs that the statues were wearing. It was worth the walk.


Nikkō Tōshō-gū

We continued along the river path to arrive at a large shrine, Nikkō Tōshō-gū. We weren’t sure if we wanted to pay for the tickets in to begin with, but after walking around it and seeing it’s immense size we decided it was worth it. The shrine had some very elaborate decorations on the various buildings that were inside the gates. The main temple area was under construction so a lot of it was covered up. However we were able to walk in and be blessed by a young man wielding a stick with cut out paper on the end.

Shin-kyo bridge

We spent so long at the shrine that we almost missed our train back! We power walked to the station. Stopping to take a few snaps of the Shin-kyo bridge as we passed.