To Osaka, and beyond!

Day 13 Osaka

This morning we left Tokyo. :_(
But our holiday isn’t over yet! We caught the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station.

We arrived at our accommodation at around 2:30, we are staying on the 10th floor of a building so this time we have a view!

After ditching our luggage at the accommodation, we set out to Osaka to visit Dotonbori and the main streets.


Walking down the streets there was almost too much for your eyes to see. Everywhere you looked was some flashing sign, loads of products, or giant models of various things.

We stopped at a nearby Don Quijote and Daiso for some shopping. The stores were super busy and it was difficult to even walk down the aisles. On our way to Daiso, we even passed an idol group that were performing by the river.


The vegan cafe we went to for dinner was just across the road from yet another large model, this time advertising a pet store.


And of course while we were there we took some pictures near the Glico running man sign.