Arashiyama and the Monkeys

Day 14 Arashiyama

The boat dropped us off right next to Togetsukyo Bridge, which is a famous landmark of Arashiyama. Ellie and I decided to relax with a snack and a coffee before heading to the Arashiyama Monkey park.




The entrance to the monkey park was across the bridge, tucked away next to a small shrine. Once we entered the park, Ellie and I quickly discovered that the park itself was a mountain and the Monkeys were at the top. Surprise mountain hikes are the best mountain hikes! Despite a very light rain and it being super humid and hot, we made it to the top (it wasn’t that far) and found the monkeys!

As well as the monkeys, the view of Kyoto from the main Monkey area was worthy of another panorama attempt.


Ellie’s favourite monkey was the one sitting at the side of the pond seemingly meditating. This little guy didn’t move from that spot the whole time we were there.