Cruisin’ to Arashiyama

Day 14 From Kameoka to Arashiyama

Another early morning, today we had to get to Kameoka by 9 for a river boat cruise!

From Osaka we travelled through Kyoto and then out to Kameoka, along the way the scenery was varied between built up cities and luscious green mountains with clouds rolling over their peaks. Thankfully we arrived in time for the cruise. While we were walking to the pier building one of the staff greeted us with a big wave and a matching smile. It was really nice and confirmed that we were in the right place. :)

The boat was a small boat, large enough to carry maybe 15 people. There were two staff at the front, one with an oar and the other with a long bamboo pole. At the rear there was another staff member who was steering the boat with a rudder. As rain was forecast that day, the boat had been fitted with a bamboo frame covered with a green tarpaulin that sheltered the passengers.


The water was fairly calm when we pushed off from the pier, and for most of the cruise, which allowed us to take some decent photos. There were a few moments where we were warned of approaching white water and asked to prepare for some mild splashes.


The staff spoke only Japanese, which was fine for all of the other passengers who were talking along with the staff and laughing at all the jokes. Ellie and I however tried to pay attention to what little we could understand. I managed to get that they were talking about catching big fish at one point. They also spoke about something that happened over 20 years ago. There was mention of something being over 30 meters high. As well as a lot of them informing us to look left, right, or ahead. Even without understanding the commentary, Ellie and I had a lot of fun.