Tenryu-ji Temple

Day 14 Tenryu-ji Temple

After hanging out with some monkeys, we headed towards Tenryu-ji temple. The path to the temple was a small stone path with white gravel either side. On the left was a carpark and the right was various small gardens, some that were open for viewing and others that were closed.

Upon reaching the temple the first thing we saw was a very impressive boulder. (More of a rock, but you know… 😉 )


We decided to get the all-area-access tickets which took us first through the inside of the temple.

One of the memorable features of the inside of the temple was the large Dragon print on one of the walls. There was also a long covered wooden verandah through the garden that gave a very nice view of the garden.

Next up was the garden itself, which was very pretty and had a very nice zen feeling to it.


From the temple garden, closer to the north exit, you could start seeing the edges of the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest as a local attraction was really just a path that passed through the forest linking Tenryu-ji temple, the nearby park, and the Okochi Sanso Gardens. While walking along the path we found a rather large spider and took a rather blurry picture of it.


We had originally intended to head to the Okochi Sanso gardens after Tenryu-ji, however we ended up having a brief rest and then a walk in the nearby park before heading back to our accommodation. The park was called Kameyama-koen and had a few lured Pokestops, which made it a nice place to take a break. 😉 (Still haven’t seen a Farfetch’d though) It also had a few interesting statues that we passed on our walk.