Touristing at Kyoto Part 2 – Kinkaku-ji

Day 15 Kinkaku-ji

Up until today Ellie and I had been completely blown away by the quality and punctuality of the public transport in Japan. However today was the first day we were catching public buses, and it was the first time when we experienced an actual delay in public transport. I don’t want to say that the buses were bad, they certainly weren’t as nice as trains in Japan. But they were still better than Adelaide buses. The main reason I say that is because they had a screen that tells you what the next stop is. It was much more convenient than looking out the windows, frantically looking for a bus stop post with a number on it. Each time you passed a stop the bus driver would press a button and the screen would show the details of the next stop, including major attractions/transfers you would get off for at that stop.

When we arrived at our next destination we were a tad peckish, so we decided to get some local food. I had okonomiyaki on a stick. Okonomiyaki is typically a savoury pancake with a selection of local ingredients including seafood and other types of meats. However the way it was advertised at this particular stall was as a “Japanese Pizza stick”. Ellie chose a matcha parfait. Both were very delicious!


We then entered the Kinkaku-ji grounds. Despite the overcast weather, it was still an impressive site. The brilliant gold pavilion across the pond, backed by vivid green trees and mountains in the distance.



The grounds also included a statue that was fitted for coin tossing. When you managed to land the coin in the pot near the statue you were rewarded with a satisfying “ding” sound of the coin hitting the metal pot. Further past that there was another shrine building with some incense burning out the front. We didn’t spend long at Kinkaku-ji as we wanted to make up for time lost waiting for the bus, However, we were glad we made the stop to see it.