Japanese Word of the Week: kiseki

This week's 毎週日本語 / まいしゅう にほんご is:

Japanese 日本語




English 英語

Recently, in a desperate attempt to validate my purchase of Pokemon Sun and/or Moon later this month, I’ve been playing Pokemon X. For some reason I had already played through and completed the story of Alpha Sapphire, but was left only half way through Pokemon X. But not any more! This week my Pokemon and I defeated the champion! After watching the credits and enjoying the ending song, the word “kiseki” appeared on the screen. I knew I’d heard this word before in anime, but couldn’t quite remember what it meant. After looking it up I found that it was actually the name of the song playing in the credits and that it meant “Miracles”. After all that I couldn’t not use it for my word of the week! :)

Unrelated to the story above, and because I happened to find them on my computer, have some gifs from Pokemon Sapphire.

Where I heard it:

Pokemon X