Japanese Word of the Week: ぎんこう

This week's 毎週日本語 / まいしゅう にほんご is:

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English 英語

This week my brother and I continued studying/revising through the “Japanese for busy people” text book. Still focusing on introductions, this week’s example is how to introduce two people to each other. Say you are introducing Mr Hikigaya to Ms Yuigahama.

こちらは オオストラリア ぎんこう の ひきがやさん です。
kochira wa oosutoraria ginkou no hikigaya-san desu.
This is Mr. Hikigaya from Australia Bank.

こちらは アデレード だいがく の ゆいがはまさん です。
kochira wa adoreido daigaku no yuigahama-san desu.
This is Ms. Yuigahama from Adelaide University.

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