Japanese Word of the Week: なに

This week's 毎週日本語 / まいしゅう にほんご is:

Japanese 日本語



English 英語

Last week marked the start of another year of Japanese classes at WEA. However I was sick last week, so I missed my first lesson. :( Thankfully I’m feeling better this week and I was able to attend! 😀

This week we revised a few things but also started working through Lesson 1 of Japanese for Busy People 2. One thing that became apparent quickly is that in this second book, they are introducing kanji. One of which was this weeks word, 何.

今週末に 何を しますか。
こんしゅうまつに なにを しますか。
konshuumatsuni nanio shimasuka.
What are you doing this weekend?

And just for fun, here’s a helpful response also using the kanji 何.

何も しません。
なにも しません。
nanimo shimasen.
I’m not doing anything.

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