Japanese Word of the Week: にあう

This week's 毎週日本語 / まいしゅう にほんご is:

Japanese 日本語




English 英語
to suit
to match

This week whilst studying with my brother he decided to flip to a random page in the textbook and test me. Unfortunately I had forgotten one of the words that he tested me on. So I thought “what better way to celebrate my forgetfulness than to make that work my word of the week?” With the added intention of hopefully remembering にあう a bit better this time.

In the textbook the word appears in it’s polite present indicative form にあいます (niaimasu).

綺麗な 眼鏡 ですね。
きれいな めがね ですね。
kireina megane desune.
They are pretty glasses aren’t they?

ええ、 週末に 買った。
ええ、 しゅうまつに かった。
ee, shuumatsuni katta.
yeah, I bought them on the weekend.

よく 似合いますね。
よく にあいますね。
yoku niaimasune.
They suit you.

Thank you.

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